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What is the Divorce Portfolio?

Would you bet half your money on a game game of poker without knowing how Poker is played?

If not, why would you risk  your family’s money without knowing the rules of Family Law?

The Divorce Portfolio helps you lose as little money as possible from family law.  It helps you in three ways:

1. It Teaches you the Basics of Family Law
2. It  helps you create your Expense Portfolio
3. It helps you create your Asset Portfolio

Similar to investing, this program teaches you how to limit your risk by creating a personal finance  portfolio specifically made for family law.

Treat This Like and Investment Portfolio

Warren Buffet is famous for having only two rules for investing

Rule 1:  Never lose money

Rule 2: Never forget rule 1

There are real reasons why you need to think of your divorce as an investment.  Divorce has the potential of taking your money.  Unlike stocks, it doesn’t have the potential of taking 10% or even 50% of your money, like in an economic depression. It has the potential of taking ALL of your money.  People think I am exaggerating when I say that Divorce can take all of your family’s wealth.  I wouldn’t think it was real either, except I have seen it happen to so many clients.  

If you think of Divorce as a risk, it is a death bomb risk waiting to erupt.  Divorce can be more devastating to your finances than an economic collapse.  It is for this reason that you need to be serious about handling this issue.  

 SO how do you handle this risk?  There is only one way of limiting the risk.  You need to understand the risk and learn how to minimize it.  That is exactly how investment portfolios are made.  identify the risk and figure out how to limit that risk.  In this program we teach you the general basics of family law.  We also show you where your risks are likely to arise.  We teach you how to limit those risks and give you the tools and knowledge to take to your lawyer to create your own portfolio.  This plan can be used to save your family’s money or to just save your own money.  Once you have your portfolio plan you can be assured that in the worst case scenario, as much of your money as possible will be protected.  

What Will I Get Our of The Program?

At the end of this program you will have a plan and a portfolio that will let you protect your money in case your family ever separates.  You will know to meet a lawyer well before you separate and you will work with that lawyer to protect yourself and your family. 

If you have already separated then this program will help you create your portfolio plan to protect as much of your money as possible.  You will be able to use the information provided in this program to meet with your lawyer and create the perfect plan for you.  This program is not meant for the people who want to hurt their ex-partners.  Although a lot of this information could be used at your ex-partner’s expense, the purpose of this program is to help you protect your money and your family’s money.  

The goal of this program is to save you tens of thousands of dollars, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise be lost.  You will know the common pitfalls that clients make after separation and how those pitfalls lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The goal here is that one by one we will help families protect their money and move on with their lives faster and more financially stable. 

Three Phases of the Divorce Portfolio

Phase One introduces you to the basics of family law.  It teaches you the basics so that you will understand your lawyer’s advice better and you will know what to expect from your separation.   It explains what makes family law so devastating to your family

Phase Two helps you create your Expense Portfolio.  This portfolio is your plan to control your expenses after separation.  Your expenses are going to skyrocket after separation.  You need to know how and where these expenses will rise and you need to know how to control them.   

Phase Three helps you create your Asset Portfolio.  You need to pick the best assets after separation.  This program teaches you how to rank your assets from best to worst, so that you can pick the best ones.  We also help you rank and organize your debts so that you pick a strategy that saves you the most money.  By picking the best assets you will be further ahead five or ten years after separation than if you picked the wrong ones.   

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is has different  options.  Each option is designed to give you either the greatest flexibility or the greatest savings.  

  1. You have a one year payment of $499.99
  2. A monthly payment option of $69.99 per month
  3. An Lifetime payment option of $2,000.00 total will be available.

You will have access to the full Divorce Portfolio program along with all of its provided tools.

Our plans in the future are to create a community where people can share their experiences and ideas so that we can all learn more and more as time goes on. This website will be ever evolving with you.

You will get three things out of this program.  Firstly, you will learn what makes family law so devastating.  You will also learn the rules of family law. Secondly, you will learn the family law tools to protect the most urgent part of any separation, your expenses.  Finally, you will learn what assets and debts to keep so that you maximize your savings and minimize your losses.  

All three will help you save money.  This program could help you save thousands of dollars.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it saved you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Yes.  You will still need your own lawyer.  This program does not give legal advice.  It would be impossible for anyone who does not live in your city to give you specific advice that would be best for you.  The rules vary in every city and it would be impossible to use this program without a lawyer helping you.  This program used without a lawyer can be very dangerous.

This program is designed to give you the basic knowledge of family law and where family hurts your finances.  This program gives you all of the tools to go to your lawyer and create a portfolio that will specifically protect you.

You can cancel your policy anytime by e-mailing us at our contact page. 

Yearly Subscription
More Flexible

$400 Per Year

It is a yearly subscription payment which saves you some money!
Lifetime Subscription
Best Value!

$600 CAD 

A lifetime subscription which lets you refine and improve your portfolio for life!

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