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About Liam Sangster

Hi, I’m Liam Sangster.  Welcome to the Divorce Portfolio.

I am a lawyer, entrepreneur and musician with an obsession for personal finance and getting the most out of life.  I have a goal of improving the lives of people who have separated.  I have seen the torment that family separation brings to families.  My goal is to stop these problems so we can all live a more peaceful life.  

I started this goal six years ago when I was a new, overworked family lawyer.    I discovered there is a huge missing piece of information for people who have separated; What to do with your money after you have separated.

My clients were going broke and had no idea of how to protect themselves.   There was no advice in the personal finance world and I discovered a huge need.  We need personal finance advice for people who have separated.   

It seemed perfect that I could combine my love of business and personal finance with my knowledge of family law to create a program that shows you how to protect your money after separation

I spent four years researching this program and another two years to create it.  I am very passionate about this program and I am excited to share this program with you.  We can help improve the lives of people who have separated. 

My Story

I am a lawyer, the son of a lawyer and the grandson of a judge.  I wish I realized sooner that I was destined to be a lawyer but I always pictured myself as a businessman working 100 hours a week, drinking scotch and smoking cigars.

Little did I know, I would be working 100 hours a week fighting with angry parents as a family lawyer. I was obsessed with business and personal finance growing up.  When I was eight, I started my first business renting out my toys at recess for ten cents. When I was nineteen I ran a small painting company.

I went to business school for my undergrad and planned on becoming an entrepreneur. I took a course on legal liability for entrepreneurs and realized that I love the law. I always loved the idea of marrying my love of business and personal finance with law.


After I graduated law school my father asked me to come take over the family business.  My father was a great family lawyer and he mentored me for a year and a half.  After that I was left to run the family business as a new family lawyer.

I hated family law at first.  I didn’t see how my business degree was going to be put to use helping mothers and father fight over their children. My days were filled with parents yelling, crying and pleading with me to help them.  Everyday I would see family law torment more of my clients.  I could feel my clients anguish but it didn’t seem like there was anything I could do. I felt helpless.  I almost quit but I convinced myself to stick it out for one more year.

My goal was to be able to make every one of my clients’ lives better.  I also hate losing cases so I put all of my energy into becoming the best lawyer I could.  I stayed up late researching case law.  I would spend hours reading literature on family law.  I attended family law conferences and I took on as many family law cases as I could.

What I noticed as I began to improve as a lawyer was that my clients all seemed to struggle no matter how well I did on their case.  If I won their case my clients would be miserable and if I lost their case my clients would be miserable.

At first I thought family law was just not fair.  I thought family law must be so unfair that it lets one parent win while the other loses even if they have a good lawyer.  However, both spouses seemed to struggle with family law.  My high income earners would struggle and my low income earners would struggle just as much.  

I began looking into this problem more and noticed that my clients consistently struggled with one issue; their money.  Most were able to fix their issues with their children.  Most were able to move on from their emotional hurt but almost all of my clients could not fix their issues with money.  

As I continued to look into this issue I noticed there is a huge gap of information for people who have separated from their spouse.  Lawyers don’t know personal finance.  Personal finance advisors don’t know family law.  Lawyers didn’t want to give personal finance advice and financial advisors didn’t want to give legal advice.  No one was willing to give separated spouses help on what to do with their money after separation. I finally realized that I could marry my love of business and personal finance with family law.

I spent four years researching what steps could help my clients protect their money. I eventually discovered three things that my clients weren’t doing that was costing them.  I then spent another two years creating this program.  I have been working on this program for 6 years and I am now ready to help you protect your wealth from family separation.

The program is the Divorce Portfolio.  It’s a program designed to teach husbands and wives how to protect their money from family law.  Notice that I didn’t say protect your money form your ex-spouse.  It’s not your ex-spouse that is causing you to struggle with your money, it’s family law.  

About Sangster Wealth Academy

Sangster Wealth Academy is the only company that combines investment concepts to family law. We provide education and tools to help our clients protect as much of their money as possible from family separations. We use our unique blend of experience and knowledge to help as many families as possible. OUR GOALS: At Sangster Wealth Academy we have set two goals for ourselves. Our first goal is to help over a million families save their money through our programs. Our second goal is to change the rules of family law to be more fair and flexible for our families. We have a long way to go before we can make these changes, but together we will help our families keep their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

This program is has different  options.  Each option is designed to give you either the greatest flexibility or the greatest savings.  

  1. You have a one year payment of $499.99
  2. A monthly payment option of $69.99 per month
  3. An Lifetime payment option of $2,000.00 total will be available.

You will have access to the full Divorce Portfolio program along with all of its provided tools.

Our plans in the future are to create a community where people can share their experiences and ideas so that we can all learn more and more as time goes on. This website will be ever evolving with you.

You will get three things out of this program.  Firstly, you will learn what makes family law so devastating.  You will also learn the rules of family law. Secondly, you will learn the family law tools to protect the most urgent part of any separation, your expenses.  Finally, you will learn what assets and debts to keep so that you maximize your savings and minimize your losses.  

All three will help you save money.  This program could help you save thousands of dollars.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it saved you hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Yes.  You will still need your own lawyer.  This program does not give legal advice.  It would be impossible for anyone who does not live in your city to give you specific advice that would be best for you.  The rules vary in every city and it would be impossible to use this program without a lawyer helping you.  This program used without a lawyer can be very dangerous.

This program is designed to give you the basic knowledge of family law and where family hurts your finances.  This program gives you all of the tools to go to your lawyer and create a portfolio that will specifically protect you.

You can cancel your policy anytime by e-mailing us at our contact page. 

Create Your Portfolio Today!

We have a goal of helping one million families with this program.  If we are able to reach our goal our next step will be to lobby the government to change our family law rules to be more fair to all family members.  Your involvement in our community will help us get the power to take control of our family’s money again.

Yearly Subscription
More Flexible

$400 Per Year

It is a yearly subscription payment which saves you some money!
Lifetime Subscription
Best Value!

$600 CAD 

A lifetime subscription which lets you refine and improve your portfolio for life!

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