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  • Learn the secrets of Family Law that your lawyer and financial advisor won’t tell you
  • Learn how Family Law works so you can use its rules to protect you instead of hurt you
  • Learn from the experience of a real lawyer

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10 lessons take you through each stage of the family law process

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Get hours of information that your lawyer would charge you thousands of dollars for

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The Divorce Portfolio Was Created to Help Families

The Divorce Portfolio was created to help families take control of their money.  By teaching you how family law affects your family’s money, we are giving you the knowledge and the power to protect your family’s money.  Once we teach you the rules of the family law game, you can start using those rules to your advantage.  The concept of the Divorce Portfolio is simple, we teach you how family law operates;  we teach you the basics of family law rules; we teach you what risks and dangers to look out for; We teach you the tips and tricks to overcome and avoid those risks and dangers; and finally, we give you questions to ask your lawyer so that you can prepare a full plan and portfolio to protect your family’s money.    

Hi, I’m Liam Sangster and welcome to The Divorce Portfolio. I am a family lawyer with a background in business and I created The Divorce Portfolio program to help my clients who had serious money problems.  I learned that most of my clients don’t understand the basics of family law.  What I noticed even more was that none of my clients knew the right moves to protect their finances.  I originally wanted to teach clients individually.    My problem was that most clients wouldn’t call me until they had already separated.  They often made decisions that really hurt their wealth and were desperate for some advice on what to do about their money.  When I started giving my clients the financial strategies right away, I started noticing that the clients who were taking my advice were becoming much better off financially.

I decided it was time to offer this to everyone so that we can all protect ourselves, save money on expensive litigation and save our families from financial ruin.  This program includes several lessons and materails designed to give you the ultimate protection plan for you and your family.   You will be able to learn how to hire the right family lawyer.  You will also learn the best questions to ask your lawyer so that you can save yourself thousands of dollars.   I spent about four years researching with my clients to find the best strategy to protect yourself if you have already separated.  I have also included tips to protect yourself from an eventual separation.

Learn What Makes Family Law so Brutal

Learn what makes Family Law costs you so much money.  From your expenses to your retirement, our program will show you every ways family law affects your finances and how you can protect yourself from them.   


Learn the strategies taught in this program to understand how family law affects your wealth and how to protect yourself..


Protect yourself from the financially devastating effects of Divorce and save yourself thousands, if not, millions of dollars.


Live your life free of fear of what will happen to you if you and your spouse separate.


Invest your money in the kind of assets that will protect you from separation.


Warren Buffet is one of the most famous investors of all time. He is famous for only having two rules of investing.

Rule 1: Never lose Money
Rule 2: Never forget Rule 1

This program teaches you how to lose as little money as possible from family law.  Learn how to create your own portfolio that will make sure you keep your wealth in your family.   

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Yearly Subscription
Best Deal

$600 Per Year

It is a yearly subscription payment which saves you some money!
Lifetime Subscription
Best Value!

$1,800 CAD 

A lifetime subscription which lets you refine and improve your portfolio for life!

Learn the Three Phases of the Portfolio

Liam M. Sangster J.D. — Founder & President

Learn how the family law machine works.  Learn which rules benefit you and which ones hurt you.  

You will understand how to structure you entire expense budget to maximize your savings and limit your risk.

You will understand what mix of assets and debts to keep in order to maximize your savings and minimize your losses.  

Divorce Portfolio